Total Expenditure on PLAB

This post can give you an idea of your total expenditure on your PLAB journey, from the day you begin studying for PLAB 1, until the day you get your first job. It does not include the cost of travelling to the UK for your first job.


Breakdown of Expenses

IELTS UKVI Academic £200
PLAB 1 £230
PLAB 2 £840
Visa fee £100 – £200
Return Ticket £400 – £700
PLAB 2 Course £600 – £1,000
Course Accommodation £100 – £150 per week
Exam Accommodation £50 – £100
Food £7 – £10 per day
Groceries £100 – £200 per month
Intracity Travel £100 per month
Intercity Travel £50 – £200
ECFMG Verification £155 – £260
GMC registration £425
Unseen expenditures £0 – £500
Total £5,000 – £6,000


Factors Affecting Total Cost

The total cost of your journey depends on the following factors:

  1. Duration of stay in the UK.
  2. Lifestyle in the UK.
  3. The presence of family or friends in the UK.
  4. If you travel for interviews in person or if you prefer Skype interviews (most employers accept Skype interviews).


Rough  Estimate Only

Of course, the numbers mentioned above are supposed to give you only a rough idea. The cost of your own journey to the UK might be different, based on the factors mentioned above.



Compared to other countries’ exams, the whole PLAB journey costs a lot less.

23 thoughts on “Total Expenditure on PLAB

  1. Hey Naseer! Thank you for sharing you experience with us. It is both inspiring and encouraging. And also informative. I have doubts about accommadation. Where did you stay for you long termed stays, hotels or rentals? And it would be lovely if you can suggest any websites where we can find places.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! And thank you for visiting the blog! 🙂

      I stayed at a private accommodation in London, recommended by my friends.

      I stayed at Travelodge in Manchester.

  2. Dear doctor ,
    I am applying for Plab 2 visa . I do have one query , while mentioning living cost and the amount of money I give to my family , I have written 400 and 200 GBP . My total cost of the travel ,as I have mentioned is 2500GBP and total money I have for the trip is 4600 pounds. Also, I am partially financed by my uncle 2500 GBP for which I am submitting an affidavit. I am not employed right now as have to leave job because of the exam. Hence, will above financial details are OK with visa application? Any suggestion is highly appreciated.

    1. 1. It’s best to not quit your job and to take leave.

      2. £2,500 is a lot of money. It would be best to reduce your cost of trip.

      3. Your cost of trip is more than half of the money that you have. It should be 10-20%.

      4. Support by uncle is fine.

      5. Check all of my posts regarding visa guidelines.

  3. 4-)If you travel for interviews in person or if you prefer Skype interviews (most employers accept Skype interviews).
    İ did not understand what it means exactly. Do you mean it will not be a problem if I will not stay in the United Kingdom after passing plab exams and I will be able to do interviews from my home country, on skype?

  4. Hello Nasser , I wish you all the luck and thanks for sharing and I have a question please ,
    This includes the accommodation and living cost until what ? How long did you stay after sitting for plab 2 ? A month for results ang registration another one for getting the job and another one until you get paid ?
    Sorry for the long question

    1. I’ve mentioned all costs per week or per month. So you can calculate them for your duration of stay. I stayed for 2 months after my result. Because my visa allowed me to. You can check my PLAB 2 planning timeline to get a better idea.

      Thank you so much for your kind words and for visiting the blog! 🙂

    1. They are not a must. Some people do pass the exam without taking the course. But it is best to take a course, as it makes the journey easier.

  5. Good day, thanks for taking so much time to write this expose..Are jobs really readily available in the UK ? People around me keep saying that it’s so easy after plab 2 to get one

    1. People around you are right. Go to NHS Jobs’ website right now and check the number of openings yourself. You will be surprised. Good luck! 🙂

  6. Doing a great job naseer without you and omar students wouldn’t have known so much about plab and working in uk

  7. Hello Naseer,

    Thanks for this great opportunity. I just wrote PLAB 1 and expecting results. Please what is the best time to start making plans for PLAB 2? Also I do not have any sponsor, I intend to sponsor myself, what is the minimum amount that must be in my bank account before I can apply for PLAB 2 visa? Also can you guide me on how best to fill the visa application form to ensure that I get a quick and positive response from the immigration team? If you can also send me a sample of the visa application form to my mail I will appreciate. What are the documents required to be submitted along with the visa application form for someone like me who is married and working? I trust I can get all the info from you.

    Thank you!

  8. Aslam u Alaikum ,sir ,tell me the expenditures of becoming a neurosurgeon after GMC registration UK?

    1. I am sorry, I do not understand your question since you will always earn money while working in the UK. Are you asking expenses of life in the UK? They can vary a lot depending on your circumstances.

  9. What is the current situation in uk after Brexit regarding demand for doctors in nhs?

    1. Brexit has not made any difference so far. It might lead to more jobs in the future but this is difficult to predict.

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