Tier 2 Visa Guidelines

The basic principle for your Tier 2 visa application is to keep it simple.


Documents Needed Beforehand

Before you begin your Tier 2 visa application, you should make sure that you have the following documents:

  1. Certificate of Sponsorship (valid for 3 months)
  2. TB Clearance Certificate (valid for 6 months)
  3. Police Clearance Certificate (valid for 6 months)
  4. IELTS UKVI academic certificate (valid for 2 years)
  5. Letter of maintenance (optional).


Letter of Maintenance

You can ask your trust’s HR to issue a letter of maintenance to you, certifying that they will take care of your expenses and accommodation before you get your first pay cheque. However, as long as they have mentioned this on the certificate of sponsorship, you do not need a separate letter of maintenance from the trust.


Other Documents

You can check the complete list of documents I submitted for my visa application to get an idea of what to submit along with your application.


Cover Letter

You can check my cover letter for my Tier 2 visa application to get an idea of how to write your cover letter.


The Visa Process

The procedure is very similar to the procedure for PLAB 2 visa. I have discussed it in detail in a separate post here.



This includes two things:

  1. Funds.
  2. Accommodation.

The UK government wants to know that you will be able to support yourself financially before you get your first pay cheque and that you will have a place to stay in the UK. They want to make sure that you will not be a burden on the UK government.

Most NHS trusts mention on the certificate of sponsorship that they will provide maintenance to the employee. You should get in touch with your HR and discuss this in detail to make things clear for you.

In case you are being provided maintenance by your sponsor, your sponsor must be a fully approved (‘A-rated’) sponsor, which most NHS trusts are. But it is best to confirm this by checking the list of fully approved sponsors.


1. Funds

For funds, you have two options:

1. In case, your trust is NOT providing maintenance, you must have £945 in your bank account for 90 days or more before you apply for your visa.

2. In case your sponsor is willing to provide maintenance, you do not need to show your bank account.


2. Accommodation

You need to mention your accommodation in your visa application.

1. If your hospital has provided you with maintenance, you can mention your hospital’s address as your accommodation.

2. If your hospital has NOT provided you with maintenance, you should contact your HR to discuss in detail this with them.


What You Do NOT Need

You do not need to show the following to the entry clearance officer as they know that you are going to the UK to work.

  1. Strong ties to home country.
  2. Employment in your home country.
  3. Strong bank balance.



Tier 2 visa application is very different from PLAB 2 visa application. There is a very small margin of visa rejection for Tier 2 application. Tier 2 applications are only rejected if the applicant makes a blunder. Like I said above, the most important rule is to keep the application simple.

13 thoughts on “Tier 2 Visa Guidelines”

  1. My hospital is providing maintenance and its an A rated hospital .
    I have applied to accomodation but on waiting list .
    My question is i just need to right hospital address in my accomodation . Would that be ok ? because i havent been allocated any accomodation yet in real (still on waiting and its months long ) , in real case scenario i am looking for my own accomodation. Or do i need to attach hotel reservation / tenancy agreement ,


    1. The maintenance provided by the hospital includes providing finances and accommodation to you until you find your feet at the new place. So you are safe. Just mention the hospital address.

      All the best! 🙂


  2. Hi Naseer, I have heard that for the visa we also have to pay a 500 pound healthcare surcharge. Does this mean we get free access to healthcare and for those of us with chronic conditions our medicines will be free? For example I have diabetes so will those medicines be free of cost along with my regular gp/obgyn visits and preventive medicine screenings. Ty have a good evening friend.


    1. Since the UK is a welfare state, healthcare is free for everyone, including doctors who are working there on Tier 2 visa.

      And yes, we do pay a fee of £200 per year as Immigration Health Surcharge.

      I don’t know exactly which health facilities will be free for you. You can write to the Home Office to clear your doubts. 😊


  3. Can you please highlight if we’re applying for tier 2 visa with a dependant or spouse how would that be different from this normally tier 2? Please help me with this.


  4. Hi Dr. Naseer, thank you very much for this incredibly informative blog! I have a question about the UKVI IELTS. I did the IELTS academic exam last year for the purpose of PLAB exam. Would this not suffice for the Tier 2 visa application or do I have to do another IELTS exam that’s specific for the visa? Thanks.


  5. Hi, Dr Naseer, your blog has been a huge source of information and help. Kindly help clarify this issue of Tier 2 visa validity, I have been offered a contract of 6months, does this mean I can only apply for 1 yr and have to renew again every yr

    Also, can i conduct my TB test before i apply for visa application officially. Thank you so much


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