How to Apply for GMC Registration

The day after your PLAB 2 result, the GMC will email you to congratulate you and inform you that you can begin your process for GMC registration.


How to Begin the Process

  1. Log in to your GMC Online account.
  2. Click on My Registration.
  3. Go to My Applications.
  4. Click on Apply.
  5. Click on Continue with application
  6. Click on No (click on Yes if you have EC right).
  7. Click on No (click on Yes if you want to register as a specialist or a GP).
  8. If you have completed an acceptable pattern of internship, click on Yes.
  9. Click on Apply.

The above 9 steps will lead you to the GMC registration form.


GMC Registration Form

This form has 8 sections. Make sure the details that you enter here are correct, as they will stay on your record forever.


1. Internship

Here you will provide details of your internship. You will include the dates and specialty for each rotation separately. Do not put your whole period of internship on one line.

Make sure the details that you enter in this form correlate with the details on your internship certificates.


2. Name Details

Write your full name.


3. Recent Professional Experience

Here you have to provide details of your work experience in the last five years. You also have to account for any gaps between your employment.These gaps include holidays and study breaks.

Each and every single day has to be accounted for. You can not have a gap even for a single day in this section. If applicable, you also have to provide documentary evidence for your activities during these gaps.


4. Registration and Licensing

Here you will provide details of your registration with the local medical authority from the country where you have practiced medicine.

I entered details of my registration with Pakistan Medical and Dental Council.


5. Fitness to Practice – Your Health

Here the GMC wants to know if your health can affect your fitness to practice.

I checked all five boxes with No. But make sure you read properly before answering these questions.


6. Declaration of Fitness to Practice

Here the GMC wants to know if you have had any problems with any law enforcement authorities.

I checked all 12 boxes with No. But make sure you read properly before answering these questions.


7. Final Declaration

Here you will sign a declaration, agreeing to GMC’s rules and regulations.


8. Payment

You have to make an online payment of ‎£425 for your application to proceed.


Providing Documents

As soon as you fill the form and make the payment, GMC will send you an email. In this email, the GMC will ask you to send a PDF file to them, containing scanned copies of the following documents:

  1. Passport.
  2. Primary medical qualification certificate (MBBS degree).
  3. Certificate(s) of good standing.
  4. Evidence of your knowledge of English (IELTS).
  5. Evidence of completion of an acceptable pattern of internship (House Job certificates).
  6. Employer reference form (only for candidates who have worked without registration).

The GMC will give you 28 days, to send these documents. Otherwise, they will close your application and send you a full refund of your application fee. You would then need to start the application process again.


Application Processing

In the next few days, the GMC will do the following:

1. Check the information that you have provided in your application.

2. Contact you and let you know if they need more information.

3. When you have sent them all the information that they need, and they have checked it, they will give you a decision on your application.

4. If they decide to grant your registration, they will ask you to come for an identity and evidence check. You will be asked to take your original documents with you. You can attend this check only if you have pre-booked an appointment.


ID Check

When to Book Your ID Check?

You can book your ID check appointment even before your result comes out. I booked mine as soon as I took my PLAB 2 exam. It’s best to book your appointment as early as possible, because the dates are booked a few weeks or months in advance.


How Long Would I Have to Complete My ID Check?

You will need to have the ID check completed within three months of your application being approved. If you have not attended the check within three months, you will have to complete a new application.


When to Book Your ID Check For?

If all of your documents are in order, it might be ideal to schedule your ID check appointment 4 or 5 weeks after your PLAB 2 result, just to be on the safe side.

Since I had started my internship in Karachi before I got my PMDC registration, I knew my GMC registration process was going to take slightly longer. So I scheduled my GMC ID check appointment 6 weeks after my PLAB 2 result.


What If My Application Has Not Been Approved By The Time I Have My ID Check?

In this case, you would have to book a new ID check appointment. This is why it’s best to book your ID check appointment 4 to 5 weeks after your PLAB 2 result, just to be safe. And if you know there can be an issue with your documents, it’s best to have even more time before your ID check.


How to Make an Appointment?

Go to your GMC Online account. Click on My Appointments. Book and appointment from here.


Which Documents are Needed at the Appointment?

The GMC will send you a list of documents that you need to take with you. This list contains the documents that you had sent to the GMC earlier via email (except for the IELTS certificate – they do not check IELTS certificate at the ID check).


What Happens at the Appointment?

  1. You sign a declaration form.
  2. GMC checks original documents.
  3. GMC takes a photograph of you, for their records.


How Long Does it Take?

The appointment usually lasts for 20-30 minutes.


When Will I get the Licence to Practice?

If everything checks out, the GMC will award you GMC registration and the licence to practice right there and then. You can check this on the Online Register.


When Will I get the GMC Registration Certificate?

It usually takes the GMC 3-10 days to send your GMC registration certificate at the address specified by you.


Summary of GMC Registration Process

  1. Fill your online application.
  2. Send your scanned documents to the GMC.
  3. Wait for the GMC to process your information.
  4. Attend your ID check appointment.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does the registration process take?

It usually takes 2 to 5 weeks. But it depends on individual cases. My process took 36 days. But out of these 36 days, 26 days were taken by my university to reply to GMC’s email. So if they had replied earlier, I would’ve been free from GMC’s processing in less than 2 weeks.


2. When should I book my GMC registration ID check?

This is a personal choice. I made a good estimate of how long it would take for my application to get approved and I booked my ID check a day after I took PLAB 2.


3. For when should I book my GMC registration ID check?

I start my House Job without registration in my home country; I knew that would require an explanation and it would take time. So I booked my ID check for 6 weeks after my result. And my application was approved only 2 or 3 days before my ID check date.


4. What is a Certificate of Good Standing?

It is a certificate issued by your local medical authority to show that, at the time of issuing the certificate, there are no fitness to practise proceedings in progress against you.


5. If I started my internship in my home country without getting registered with the local medical body, what should I do?

First of all, do not panic. You will get your GMC registration. 🙂

Secondly, ask your employer to fill the employer reference form. Bear in mind that the GMC will email your employer to confirm the details provided in this form.

Lastly, the GMC will email you and ask you for an explanation for this unregistered period of work. You should contact your local medical body. They will issue you a letter which might look like this.

PMDC Explanation-page-001.jpg

228 thoughts on “How to Apply for GMC Registration

  1. Hello u have done a great job abd have been a source of immense guidance for every1. i wanted to ask that when we send gmc scanned copies of our documents like housejob and degree for registration …do they have to be attested from somewhere?

  2. Dr Naseer, i have gone thru ur blog closely.i have some huge gaps (from usmle)which i actually just added some experience to cover but now i want to withdraw the application and put in the true details. Will withdrawing an application twice( i withdrew before) raise a red flag on my application or is withdrawing applications a normal thing?
    will the difference in dates on the withdrawn application be cause for concern?
    thanks for all ur help on this blog

  3. Hello Dr Naseer. I hope you can help me with this. In my country my internship was my last year of med school, therefore I was not a registered doctor yet. In your case you could explain this given that you had a provisional registration number, but in my case I did not have such thing. Does this mean I can only get provisional registration if I use my internship as an “acceptable pattern of experience”? It is also not common for people from my country to go practice in the UK so the Medical Council would have no clue on how to “explain it”.
    After getting my registration I worked for almost 2 years in medicine and surgery. Would it be better to use this as an “acceptable pattern of experience”?

    Thank you so much in advance

    1. The GMC does accept pre-graduate internship as long as it was recognized by that country’s medical council and according to the GMC’s acceptable pattern.

      There are other who got their pre-graduate internship accepted. You should post on Facebook to get opinion from them.

      All the best! 🙂

  4. Hello Doctor. Your blog has been really helpful, thank you so much.
    I’ve passed my Plab 2 and have applied for my GMC registration and license to practice, but I haven’t gone for my ID check. However it seems I may not be able to start working in the U.K. for at least 6months to a year due to some family matters that just came up.
    What would be the best way forward, do I get the registration and then relinquish it or do I not attend the ID check so I start the application process again from the beginning when I’m able to move.
    Thank you.

    1. It might be best to get the registration and then relinquish or freeze it. You can discuss this directly with the GMC for the best advice.

      Best of luck! 🙂

  5. Hello Nasser..thanks for your blog..I am less than five years post graduation so I had to start filling my work experience from the date on my primary medical qualification certificate which is on 6th august, 2014..I explained all gaps in my employment yet the page keeps telling me there is a problem with what am putting in my professional experience.. I did an experiment and started a month earlier which is July, moved forward.. What could be the problem??

    1. You might have been missing some amount of period due to incorrect data entry.

      You only have to explain your work experience and not any experience before you started working.

  6. Hello Dr Naseer! Im Dr Salma, basically from India, but i live here in the Uk. I have been following your blog for quiet som time and everytime i have some doubt, i quickly check out your blog! Its been so helpfull, thanks a ton Dr Naseer.
    I just finished taking my course from Dr Hamed’s. My exam is on October 12th. But i heard people saying we should book the id check date as soon as possible, cos we dont get the immediate dates after results. So i was just wondering if we can book the id check or send application to Gmc even before giving plab 2. My documents are ready and i dont want to wait too much for Gmc registration. Want to start up with a job as soon as possible. I have already wasted too much time. Please give me some advice if possible. Awaiting your response. Once again, thanks for this lovely blog and all the effort u have put.

    1. You can not book your ID check date before you take PLAB 2. I booked mine the day after I took PLAB 2. But make sure you give yourself enough time to complete your documentation before you are invited for your ID check.

      I hope this helps. Good luck! 🙂

      1. Hi Dr Naseer, do you have any idea about estimated time the gmc takes for processing our application?
        Is is advisable to book an ID check 4weeks after submission of all required documents?

      2. If your documents have no issues, 2 weeks.

        If your documents are fine, yes.

  7. Hi Naseer, Let me start by saying how much I appreciate your initiative of helping others through this blog. I have learnt so much.

    My question is since im attending med school in India. Our pattern is slightly different. Our internship period begins in the last year of med school and ends with us getting our license . So is it possible for me to show this part of my internship as FY1 even though i will technically not be a registered doctor at that time?
    Thank you!

    1. Yes, it’s possible. But there’s no guarantee that the GMC will accept this. You should ask others from India about this. They’ll be your best guides.

      Good luck! 🙂

  8. Hi. I have a question regarding the letter explaining doing house job without registration yet. Do i need to take certain docs to PMDC to ask for the letter or is just the print out of the GMC email enough?

  9. Hi Doctor,
    Is it possible for me to apply GMC registration during my housemanship? If yes, what should i provide for acceptable internship documents?Thanks.

      1. So, it will change to full registration once I completed my internship? If I would like to change from provisional to full registration, my IELTS need to be still valid?

      2. I am not sure about that. To keep things simple, it might be better to apply for GMC registration after your internship completes.

        You can always email the GMC to ask as well.

        Good luck! 🙂

  10. Hi doctor,
    I intend to take my plab 2 exam on the 5th of December. I plan to travel in November to attend the academy . I will have to resign to take the exam as my employer isn’t willing to give me a long leave of absence.this means there will be a gap of 2 months in which I will not be working between my resignation and gmc registration. Will this be a problem. Please advise.

  11. I am going to register with deficiencies with GMC!! I have a big 1 yr gap after internship where i was preparing for USMLE and working in a side job that was unrelated to medicine. Will it create any problems during registration? Does anybody know this

      1. I also have over a year gap for USMLE step 1, is it worth mentioning USMLE or should I just say I was studying during that period?
        I did a few month non clinical attachment, do I need a reference form filled by them too?
        Thank you

      2. 1. It doesn’t matter.
        2. If you were working as a doctor, then yes.

  12. Hello, awesome blog. I wanted to ask.. part of my house job .. as I may recall was probably done before I got my PMDC registration.. probably applied for it 6 months in or something.. what will I have to do for that?

  13. Good day Dr. Naseer, lovely blog. Please would like to know if the Employer refrence form is to be sent to GMC by me or my employer. Thanks

    1. You will send it to the GMC along with all of your other documents.

      It is only needed if you have a period of unregistered work during your internship.

  14. Good day doctor, please is the ielts that was written before taking the plab exams same as the UKVI Ielts that is needed for visa purposes?

  15. Hi Dr,thank you for this post. I have a gap of 5 months after i was granted my qualification and before I started my house job as i was waiting for a placement to start.. how do I explain this and would this affect me?Thank you.

  16. Hello Naseer. I hope u wil be able to reply to my query. I practised in saudi for 1yr. Within that period i didnt bother writing their licensing exams becos i didnt plan to exceed 1yr, i wrote my ielts and plab 1 while in saudi. My question is can i present a letter from my employer for that 1yr to gmc. Wil it be acceptable. Has anybody done like dis before? Thank you and expecting a reply

    1. I’m not sure if anyone has been through the same. But you can post on Facebook to check.

      I don’t know how things run in Saudia. So I don’t know how you worked there without a licence. Thus, it’s best to post on Facebook as I suggested.

      Good luck! 🙂

      1. Hi thanks for the quick reply. My question was can i present an employer’s reference form for my one year working experience in saudi in the absence of a CGS ( ofcourse i do have a certificate of goodstanding from my country accounting for my other years of experience)?. Thank you

  17. Hi dr. Naseer. Thank you for the amazing guidance.
    I wanted to ask about housejob. I have an 8 days gap between my third and fourth rotations as i switched hospitals. Will this be an issue?
    Also, i have been preparing for USMLE for quite a while and during that time i worked as an MO in a private hospital near my place. Will that be an issue or not?
    Please do reply.
    Thank you so much!

  18. Hi
    Thanks for the wonderful blog
    I have done my medical qualification from Pakistan. Currently Iam living in uk on spouse visa. I have just cleared my plab 1 an am planning to do plab2 soon.

    I only did six months housejob in Pakistan when my spouse visa came and I had to goto uk within 28 fays of arrival visa.
    I am planning to apply for provisional registration with GMC, will I still need certificate of good standing?

  19. Aoa

    Thanks a lot for such a detailed blog, it’s really helpful. May Allah bless you with the best. Ameen
    I wanted to clarify my query, for house job in Pakistan we just get housejob certificates, and in my case I did my house job in two different hospitals.
    Do I need to get filled two evidence of internships form from both hospitals?

    Thanks in anticipation
    Dr. Zara

  20. Hello Dr.Naseer,
    Thanks for the guidance and help.You are doing a great job indeed.I just wanted to ask that my case of doing house job without provisional registration is a bit different because i got my provisional registration 10 days before i started doing my house job and since the provisional registration is for one year only, i did the last 10 days of my house job in a state when my provisional registration had actually expired.
    Can you please tell me what to do?Thanks.

  21. Thank you so much for your help

    If someone practice as physician only 3 months in the last 5 years, will GMC register him or it will be an obsticle in the registration. And what is your recommendation?

    Thank you so much in advance

  22. hi
    thanks for your hard work and this great blog
    here in Egypt after graduation there are compulsory military services that takes about 16 months to be allowed to travel , or you can enrolled in police academy for about 7 months and after that you will be free to travel , what about this gap which is not related to medicine , as i know that you cant be in a gap for two months after finishing internship
    thanks in advance

  23. Hey Naseer! Hope you are enjoying your life in the UK.
    I had few queries regarding the documents required for registration. I hope you’ll be able to help me.
    1.In your blog you have mentioned that the GMC don’t usually check IELTS certificate on the day of id check.But do you know if it has to be valid as on the day of id check?
    2. My university provided us with a certificate of internship completion. However it does not mention the details of each rotation. We had to submit the original detailed internship letter given by the college to the council while applying for registration.Do you think Gmc will accept photocopies of that letter?

    Awaiting your reply. Thanks in advance.

  24. Hi Naseer,
    There is one one option after 2 nos for ec route and gp/ specilist route its asking under postgraduate experience or sponsorship . Which i have to select. Its also alking about post graduation. So i with drawn the application as i dont have pg. what i need to do . Please advice.

  25. Thanks for this wonderful write up.
    Please, Is it only the Registration fee of 425 pounds that is needed during registration? At what stage do we pay the Annual retention fee?

  26. Hi Dr.Naseer,
    first of all ,i want to thank you for the amazing information that you provide .you have been a great help in this journey . i finished my internship back in april 2015 where i started working as a gp in Libya for one year .after that i moved to the uk to join my wife where i stooped working as a doctor and took other non medical jobs to help me pay for the ielts and plab unfortunately it took me another year to get the required score for the ielts and now i just sat the nov plab one . after finishing plab 2 i would have accumulated a gap of 2 years without medical practice and im wondering if that will affect my registration or no.
    I’m thankful for your help

  27. Hi, I had a gap of more than 2 years between my MBBS and my house job. I have applied for gmc registration and they have asked me to get a letter from pmdc indicating that they were ok with gap of more than 2 years. When I contacted pmdc they were not sure what kind of letter is required. Can you please help me regarding this. Thanks

  28. Hi, In the internship section , Where do we write the rotations? there is no enough space in the specialty box as I only could write medicine and surgery without the dates. I tried to write that in the hospital box, however It wont save and I get a message that says wrong field .

  29. hello doctor nasser i have a question regrding the visa, my visa for plab2 has expired and i need to apply again for id check? what type of visa should i apply for ? i chose business visa but they asked who invited you ( first name and last name required) so im a bit confused!
    thanks in advanced

  30. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for such helpful information and effort.
    I want to ask when we send gmc our scanned documents what gmc do next.
    Do they send our degree and house job certificate by post or by email to be verified?
    Can we give experience certificate as proof of our internship or is it necessary to provide the hospital certificate certainly?


  31. I have a different name on my passport and another name on my graduation degree,like eg. on passport it is ayesha khan on my graduation it is ayesha ansari but both the last names are included in my dad’s name like najeed khan ansari ? will that be an issue?

  32. Hi Naseer! Amazing blog, I have been following your post for quite some time. It’s been very resourceful because sometimes there isn’t information available and that gets frustrating.

    I wanted to ask, I’ve graduated about 6 years ago from Pakistan but I didn’t do my internship immediately after graduating. Instead I focused on USMLEs and the Canadian exams, plus got experience in research and worked clinically in US and Canada (none of it was registered, and it wasn’t through residency. It was clinical externship). After being disappointed for so long with no success, I’ve decided to go the UK route. I’m in Pakistan now, doing my house job and planning on giving plab 1. My question is, according to the gmc website, they say that the acceptable internship is immediately after graduation. I wanted to ask if you know. what would be my chances of getting full registration? I feel like I’ve been through the ringer and would like all my experiences to count… any advise?

    Thanks in advance Naseer!

    1. The truth is the no one can predict if your internship will be accepted by the GMC since it is six years after graduation. We can only know once you apply for GMC registration. I know this places your hard work at risk.

      If I were in your shoes, I would’ve posted this on Facebook to check with others who’ve been through the same.

      All the best! 🙂

      1. I have tried asking for it as well but no one has ever replied. So next option is to call GMC and i did that but i got the most stupid answer from them as well. They said take plab and apply for registration then we will assess??? So they want me to invest time and money at the end for them to say its acceptable. Some of these things dont make sense and times like these when you rue the day you became a doctor.

  33. Hey,
    My plab 2 exam is on 20th April 2018. let’s say I have got my alternative certificate of foundation Competence signed by my consultant, can I apply for August 2018 ct1 post already as they are accepting applications till 15th March 2018.

    1. You can. But I would strongly advise against it. It is best to adjust yourself in the system before entering training.

      1. Yu reckon to apply for fy2 lat post? Wat r the disadvantages of, going straight for ct1

  34. I have full pmdc registraion.have been working in palistan for 2.5 experience overlaps as i did private as well as govt jobs.
    1.can i mention both despite overlap of dates i need CGS from pmdc as i just renewed my pmdc reg before coming to uk.

  35. When GMC asks you if you prepared for exams with organization. Is it ok to mention their name?

  36. My question is regarding the last FAQ. Do we need this PMDC clarification letter, even if there is difference of 2days. Like my registration was issued on 4th day of month and I started my housejob 02nd day of same month.

  37. Hi, I did my internship in Pakistan though I am not a Pakistani national. I graduated from Pakistan. I had my provisional pmdc when I did my internship. However after finishing internship I got back to my country and did not get registered because they have a separate exam which takes a long time to complete. In the middle of those exams I decided I want to go to UK so I quit that. Will it be possible to get the gmc registration without my country registration? I do not have a permanent pmdc either. Only a provisional one.

    1. You do not need to be registered in any other country. But if you were registered in any country during the last five years, you will need a Certificate of Good Standing from that country.

      1. Thank you. Since I was provisionally registered with the pmdc in the last 5 years, I will need their gsc?

  38. Hello there!! i must say u r doing an amazing job by helping a lot of people.. i have a question with reference to the verification of our PMQ that gmc is gona follow from 11th june this year..i m copying the text here
    “From 11 June 2018, applicants for provisional or full registration with a licence to practise will need to have their primary medical qualification independently verified before we can grant their registration, if they:

    qualified at a medical school outside of the UK, EEA or Switzerland OR
    are a national of a country outside the UK, EEA or Switzerland who graduated from a medical school outside the UK AND
    do not already hold provisional registration with a licence to practise
    Verification will be carried out by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), through their online system – known as the Electronic Portfolio of International Credentials (EPIC) service. ECFMG will verify the qualification is genuine by checking this directly with the doctor’s awarding institution.”
    so i wana get myself registered within a month or if i had submitted the application n the dox before 11 th june that means i dont need to get my PMQ verified from ecfmg??right? or should i ve my id check even b4 11th june??this is very confusing!!

  39. Since IELTS score is only valid for 2 years. Is it necessary that my IELTS score is valid at the time of PLAB 2 and during GMC registration?

  40. Dr Khan this is a wonderful blog very informative.I would like to ask a question which is troubling me a lot .I have gaps in my medical education in other words I had to take academic leaves of absences due to financial reasons.all the time put together amounted to 13 yrs.will this stop GMC from registering me ?I need to know so I dont waste money writing plab1&2.Only not to get registered.Please advice me on this

    1. I am not sure. It would be best to check with those who have been in this situation or to check directly with the GMC. Good luck! 🙂

  41. Hello Dr Naseer
    Hope you are doing good. Thanks alot for your guidance first of all. It’s helping many people like me.
    I had my plab 2 exam yesterday, I am on tier 2 dependent visa in UK. And all my documents are ready for applying for registration. So what time frame should be good for me for my I’d check date after I get my reults. I have epic verification of my primary qualification done.

    Please guide. Thanks in advance.

  42. Hi Dr Naseer,

    May i ask- is the actual document (good standing certificate) needed to be present on the day of ID check or the certificate can be sent directly by our own medical council to GMC?

    Thank you!

    1. The GMC will send you a list of documents that you need to take with you. This list contains the documents that you had sent to the GMC earlier via email (except for the IELTS certificate – they do not check IELTS certificate at the ID check).

  43. Thus is about an observership I did after internship.can you plz let me what I should reply to keep it fuss free.

    “Please can you confirm in a reply to this email with regards to the employment reference you submitted, the role is listed as an ‘Observer’ however the reference confirms that the role was medical in nature and medical registration was required. Please can you confirm if you undertook medical work during the observership in question? Please note that I am aware you held registration during the period of the stated observership.

    Once you have provided a reply I will be able to progress your application and I will let you know what further evidence I required (if any).

    Please let us know if you have any questions. We’ll do our best to help.”

  44. Hi dr naseer very interesting blog by the way and i appreciate it.
    i have a question basically i’m an indian who graduated my mbbs from russia in 2014.i have to pass an eligibility exam to practise as an doctor in india(i think the same process is the in your country too)i have passed the exam in my 2nd attempt 2016, afterwards i have completed i year house job in india . My question is the gap after graduation and passing exam is acceptable do we have to submit any documents?
    Thank you

  45. Thank you very much for your great work , your blog has been of great help throughout my plab journey
    I need a clarification please, I have been trying to fill my GMC application forms online and I have an issue with the recent work experience section , I explained the gap i have in my experience when I was in between jobs as vacation with no single day gap but still keep telling me there is a problem with my professional experience information I entered
    Please kindly help

    1. You must fill the last five years, regardless of what you were doing during this time; even if you were not working or were a student at that time. That’ll work.

  46. Hi, Thanks for the detailed information. I have a question, my ID check is on 12th june, hopefully, will apply for gmc registration before that. Can you please tell me would I need EPIC account if my gmc id check is after 11th June? ?
    I’m confused :/

  47. Hello Dr Naseer. Thanks for the detailed info. I want to know whether the GMC needs Experience certificates as scanned copies initially and then later at ID check or they confirm it via email from the employers.

  48. Hello sir,
    it’s a very useful forum, thanks a ton,
    i would like to hear from you regarding my concern,

    If during my post graduation if i complete PLAB 2 and my GMC registration, can i come back to india and prepare for MRCS ( MS ) or it is necessary to work there as a registerer?

    so, During my postgraduation, i complete my PLAB and MRCS means, can i go back and continue with my certificates from there sir?

    looking for your reply sir.
    thank you.

    PS: What’s the name of your cat sir, it’s looking very cute.

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