Documents to Carry for the PLAB Trip

These are the documents that you should carry with you at the airport while traveling for your PLAB trip:

  1. Passport.
  2. Visa.
  3. Return airline tickets.
  4. Travel itinerary.
  5. Boarding pass.
  6. Exam booking.
  7. London accommodation booking (if you will be staying in London).
  8. Manchester accommodation booking.
  9. All identity cards.
  10. NOC and leave letter from employer in home country (if employed).
  11. Employment ID card from home country (if employed).
  12. Polio clearance (if traveling from Pakistan).

14 thoughts on “Documents to Carry for the PLAB Trip

  1. Dear Dr. Naseer. I got a 6 months reentry visa for PLAB2 test. Can I leave the uk after the test and return to register with GMC with the same visa if it is still valid? Or shall I apply for a new one? I mean the second time officers at the airport will know that I already took the exam and might ask me why I came again without permission?? Why is the visa mutliple reentry then??
    What is the case here please?

    1. Since it’s a multiple-entry visa, you can visit the UK multiple times. You can tell them that you are visiting for your GMC ID check and show them a proof of it.

  2. Hello Naseer. If i show a booking confirmation will they verify it to check it is valid? And where do you take the return airline ticket? From the agency i booked the flight she gave me a A4 paper with my flight details( also return) and she said that i would show with that at the check in. So will this paper work? Cause it doesnt look like a ticket

    1. They will not verify it, but they can. And, yes, that paper is your ticket. Don’t worry about it. Your ticket can also be downloaded in your mobile phone in your airline’s mobile application. So I have also travelled without any hardcopy of my tickets, with my ticket just being downloaded in my phone.

  3. Salam bro,
    Does it mean that there is no need to carry all the original documents for PLAB 2 trip like degree etc??

    1. These are the documents that I carried in my hands at the airport.

      I had all of my original educational documents as well with me, for GMC registration. But they’re not needed at the airport.

  4. Hi Naseer. In my country, the medical council doesn’t give the certificate of good standing to the doctor. Instead it is mailed to the GMC or whichever body requiring it.
    What do you advise in such cases?

    1. You should discuss this with seniors from you country who have gone through this road. If you don’t know any seniors, you can post this question on the Facebook groups.

      You can also discuss this with the GMC via call and email.

      When you do find the answer, please share this information with me too. Thank you! 😊

      All the best! 🙂

  5. Hello! If planning on staying at a friends, or relatives, how to show proof of accommodation in that case?

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