Marjan Gohar’s PLAB 2 Experience

The Beginning

Where do I begin from? It has been one crazy rollercoaster ride full of ups and downs of risk, faith, courage and emotions. Yes, I have been the very first candidate of the first ever PLAB 2 course run in our beloved country Pakistan. And ever grateful to Almighty for blessing me with a great result. Alhamdulilah! All thanks to our creator for it was because of Him that we all pulled it off very smoothly as a team. Today I write this review and proudly claim that PLAB 2 prep is very much possible, where our heart is, in Pakistan. I stand as an example for all.



Everyone had concerns regarding this course. I was personally asked a number of times by wellwishers if seven days would be sufficient. If the course is up to the mark, how will I practice afterwards? Was I risking everything by just attending a new course back home? I wouldn’t blame anyone for approaching me with such questions. It was very natural to have concerns. My other respected teammates did as well. And they were all legit but only before I attended this course.


The Course

Dr. Ash has been a phenomenal teacher and mentor, MashALLAH. He split the course very systematically. All our page reviews will give you a better idea of how we went about things. It was a very organized course. We started with one and conquered the skill by the end of the day. We were one committed and crazy bunch of group. We started off with history taking and covered everything from head to toe. The best thing of this course is that Dr. Ash teaches you the approach. He fine-tunes your skills. He doesn’t hammer you with stations. We didn’t care what the name of our patient was or what challenging questions were thrown at us. We learnt the skill of tackling it, and tackling it gracefully. Even when we didn’t have an accurate answer to it. That, my friends, is what we mastered. Same goes for rest of the days.


The Bond

MashAllah! We had an amazing group, by the end of the 7 days course Dr. Ash couldn’t believe we were strangers to each other before this course. He actually asked me because it was too unreal. The bond was too unreal.


The Approach

Dr. Ash wanted us to know that we all don’t have to have the same style, approach, decency when dealing with patients. He always said that each one of us is different and that is not a disadvantage. He appreciated and wanted to highlight our very own strength. To act naturally. Greatest example here would be when he invited over Dr. Rizwan for our mocks, which were held on last 2 days. Reason being: he wanted to show us that this doctor has a totally different way of viewing things yet he is dealing with the cases exceptionally being different is not a disadvantage. A different flavour of things and yet equally outstanding.


Dr. Rizwan

Dr. Rizwan was an amazing teacher. We were all mesmerized by his perfomance. A very humble and downtoearth gentleman. Not for once did he make us feel terrible about our flaws. He was very encouraging and it was delight having you for those two days. Thankyou so much. You made a difference.


Thank You, Dr. Ashfaque!

Last but not the least, Dr. Ashfaque Ahmed, THANKYOU! Thank you for believing in us. Thank You for making it possible. Thank you for standing beside us during this time. Thank you for responding promptly to our queries and rants at all times. Thank you for all the prayers and Thank you for bringing PLAB 2 course to Pakistan. I wouldn’t be here writing this review if it wasn’t for you. I wouldnt be an example to all. You did it, sir. We did it. Cant thank Almighty enough. Alhamdulilah. Your present and treat will always be very dear to me. From Jonnifer to I-will-go-to-the-moon, I’m very glad it happened. And it happened for good.

(This was written by Dr. Marjan Gohar on 14 March 2018 and shared on this website with her permission).

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