Free Study Material for PLAB 1

This Google Drive was made by an anonymous contributor. All files were added and shared by taking consent from the original creators.

The Drive contains the following files:

  1. Read Me – Topics to Cover
  2. GMC Sample Questions
  3. 1700 – Unsolved Questions
  4. 1700 – Solved Questions (no explanations)
  5. 1700 by Dr Khalid – Fully Revised (2nd version)*
  6. Unity Notes – Subjectwise
  7. Unity Notes – Unanswered
  8. Other Notes
  9. Mocks Made from 1700
  10. Clinchers
  11. 1700 Subject Wise
  12. Al-Khair Quick Revision Notes
  13. For PLAB 2

Sharing all these files does not mean that you must go through all of them in order to pass your exam. To get a better idea of what you should study, please check my posts Studying for PLAB 1 and My PLAB 1 Experience. Please also scroll down to read experiences of others doctors who passed PLAB 1. Choose the strategy which suits you the best.

I deserve absolutely no credit for this Drive. It was compiled entirely by the anonymous contributor, for which I thank them from the depth of my heart.

*1700 by Dr Khalid are Dr. Khalid Saifullah’s property and were shared on this website with his kind permission.

Dr. Naseer Khan


A Message from the Anonymous Contributor

In the right-hand corner, it will start zipping. Be patient as it may time 5/10 minutes. Then it will start downloading as a ZIP file which can be extracted using WinZip or WinRAR and then voila you have all the folders. Good Luck!


81 thoughts on “Free Study Material for PLAB 1

  1. Fantastic ! The whole blog is a GOLD MINE. InshaAllah it will remain active always. Good Job Dr Naseer. May Allah reward you abundantly.

    1. This blog and specially this post could not have been possible without help from other people. I could not have done this alone. So thank you to everyone else who contributed! 🙂

  2. DR.NASEER KHAN and all of the PLAB 1 and PLAB 2 Passed Seniors You guys are of great help, I am a student of Dow university 2nd year MBBS and want to know all about PLAB its all brilliantly present on this site.
    Bravo efforts !
    Stay blessed
    Loads of prayers for successful future

  3. Thank you so much Dr Naseer for this very helpful website and also for the seminar held at PMA house 🙂

    1. This is very kind of you, Hania. Thank you for attending the session and thank you for your message of appreciation! 🙂

  4. Hello sir…I m in final year now..and I have 1 more year to complete my internship in the house job u meant was after internship ?
    From where do I get the 6000 questions that you mentioned in your plab experience? (Samsons notes…) Any particular link?

    1. You should email the GMC to ask if your internship will be accepted. 🙂

      In “My PLAB 1 Experience” I mentioned exactly which 6,000 questions I practiced and in “Studying for PLAB 1”, I mentioned where to find them. 🙂

      Samson’s Notes can be found in the file section of the PLAB Facebook group. I mentioned this as well in “Studying for PLAB 1”. 🙂

  5. thank you so much, I’m new to PLAB, so you mean we study for PLAB as questions not books like kaplan for step1 or 2 cause I only see questions in those files

  6. Thank you so much for this. I would like to get Samson notes too . I have searched everywhere

  7. Hello
    This is probably a silly question but anyway.
    What is the difference in swami 1700 and 1700 by dr Khalid?
    Are subject wise by dr khalid are better or are they same?

    1. 1700 by Dr. Khalid have answered explained by Dr. Khalid. 1700 by Dr. Swammy do not have their answers explained.

      Sush Notes are basically 1700 questions with answers explained by Sush.

      I hope this makes sense.

      When I took the exam, these explanations were not available and since 150 plus questions were repeated, explanations were not needed. I would highly advise against spending too much time on explanations.

      1. So it’s ok to study sush1700 mcqs notes , as they are dr Khalids mcqs just the difference is that its explained by sush team..?


    1. 1. 2-4 months.
      2. It depends on your command of the subjects.
      3. Same as the first question.
      4. I don’t understand this question.
      5. Check my posts about studying for PLAB 1 and PLAB 2.

    1. I have made this website to guide junior doctors who wish to work in the UK. I understand that people can have queries or confusions after going through the website. It would be difficult for me to meet people directly. But if you have any questions, you can always post them here. Good luck! 🙂

  9. thank you for your answers dr .i wont to know in plab 2 if questions about traitement are asked .best regards

  10. Thankyou so much for the notes. I want to ask that can you please upload samson 7 mocks here as well as I don’t have access to Facebook. And these questions 1700 aren’t they too old now? Do we have any new notes and questions about ethics as well as plab 1 was changed?

    1. I can not upload any mocks as they are owned by the academies. But you can still find them on Facebook groups. Being active on Facebook is very important for the UK journey to stay updated. Everything I know today is from Facebook. And you can solve absolutely any mocks for PLAB 1. You don’t have to rely on any particular mocks.

      1. Thankyou for your response, wherecan we find eithics questions? And new mocks

  11. Hello,Dr.Naseer hope you are doing well.I have a question.Currently I’m a medical student in Ukraine.Since I’m an Indian citizen Can I take my PLAB exams after finishing my medice in Ukraine or should I go back to India and write MCI screening test before completing my PLAB

  12. Hello, im abit confused here, are all these 1700 books the same? where is Swamy 1700? and samson 7 mocks june 2103?

  13. Salam sir
    I am trying to download the drive for plab 1 but it says tht it has been removed hr and tht to find it on facebook..plz guide me how to download it

    1. I have corrected this. Please check again. And thank you for bringing this to my attention. 🙂

  14. hello doctor. you have no idea how helpful your blog is. but i have few questions. i’m a medical graduate from india and i’m interested in pursuing psychiatry in UK. what i wanted to know is, after passing plab 1, plab 2 and getting recruited, will it be equal to getting an M.D. psychiatry over here? i’m really confused as to what happens after getting recruited and working over there. can you please help me out with this as i’m looking to work in the UK. thank you.

    1. 1. No.
      2. Please go through all of my posts related to Training in the UK. You’ll find your answers.

  15. Hi Naseer, appreciate your blog for the kind work
    My query is that I don’t have any near dates for applying plab1 so can I appear exam within UK, if so what’s the procedure and will be undue favour if u would help me the expense that I would have to enroll and duration of stay just for the exam.

      1. Waiting for your reply on my query in the previous comment doctor.

  16. Dear Dr Naseer,
    Thank you very much for your materials and information. It was very helpful for me to prepare for the exam. I have passed from the first attempt. I have used your 1700 questions and samson Plab question bank and their lecture notes. Many thanks!

    1. Oh! Wow! Congratulations! 😃 If you would like to write about your experience, I’ll happily share it on my website. You can email it to me at All the best for the future! 😊

  17. Is it safe to give an attemp For plab1 before the time of housejob,I mean just after completing final year?

      1. Thankyou for the prompt reply which actualy convinced me to share my every confusion here then wasting time on some useless groups!
        I m 4th year student and in keen interest to pass the plab! But dont knw what to do, how to do and very importantly when to do!
        I want a complete guidance from the very A to Z! Can some one please solve all of my puzzles?

      2. Everything is available on this website. Scroll through it. All the best! 🙂

  18. I want to ask I m graduated from Pakistan
    I have done 6 months of housejob in surgery in Pakistan but I don’t want to continue
    Can you please guide me is it possible to get job after passing plab without housejob
    I have work permit spouse visa
    Please guide me

    1. Unless you’re a British National, it is very difficult to find Internship in the UK.

  19. Where can i find answers of some of the mocks? Some have their answers included, but some mocks do not. What do I do about it?

  20. Jazak Allah Naseer bro! You did a great job for us ..
    Iam a student of 4th year. I will go through this year within few weeks & promote to Final year.
    I want to ask one question that what should i do for Plab 1 at that time bcz i haven’t completed yet all the topics regarding PLAB1 syllabus outline . So, please tell me what should i do at this level .

    1. You don’t need to study for PLAB 1 before graduating. Focus on final year. But do read my post for undergraduates.

      1. Please tell the process in detail after u get some free time. How easy is the process? How easily do we get a PR Card there?

      2. I don’t know the process in detail. But you can check the official UK Gov website for “ILR” and nationality.

  21. Hi Dr neseer,I’m Dr rubina from pakistan.I completed my 4 years of postgraduate training in gynae (fcps) ,but I didn’t clear my fcps part2 exams I’m moving to UK for settlement in few months. Now I’m confused which way to choose either plab or mrcog ??

  22. Thanks God!!!!
    PLAB 1 cleared today!

    Exam Date: September 6, 2018
    Exam Centre: London, UK

    Score: 129/180 (71.66%)
    Pass Score: 115/180 (63.9%)
    Average Score: 118/180 (65.5%)

    Score Breakdown:
    Assessment: 67% (other candidates 63%)
    Management: 78% (other candidates 68%)
    Knowledge and Experience: 70% (other candidates 67%)

    Time needed for preparation: 6 weeks

    Thanks for everyone who helped me on this journey.
    Many many thanks to Dr. Naseer Khan for his amazing support and extraordinary encouragement. Dr. Khan’s website has been the departure point for my journey.

    What I exactly did:
    I was scared to start. It seemed very daunting to sail into this journey as I could not believe I would be able to do it with merely the 1700 Qs and the existing mocks (I chose Swamy’s mocks 1400 Qs).

    How I did it:
    I will be honest with you.
    First: I started with subject wise 1700 Q which took me almost two weeks (12 hours everyday) to finish twice.
    Second: I gave Sampson’s note a good read over almost a week (I went through the note only searching for the stuff 1700 Q didn’t cover). So you can say it was a skimming method that I used in order to extract new stuff.
    Third: Over three weeks, I studied Swamy’s mock exams a friend had passed to me in 2015. The reason why I chose Swamy’s mocks over Sampson’s was that I did not want to repeat Sampson’s knowledge. Instead, I was looking for new stuff to take from Swamy’s Q bank.
    That was really all what I did. I studied really hard and it paid off, thanks God!!!
    Last but never the least: I kept an eye on Dr. Khalid Saifullah’s Facebook forum to discuss the controversial questions as mocks have slightly differed over 5% of each discipline. Dr. Saifullah was very open to discuss and sometime he changed the answers or provided an explanation for his own answer. Surprisingly, I had 10 questions where controversy popped up.

    Over and over again, I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Khan for his enormous help and support. I cannot see myself passing this exam without his guidance, encouragement, and help!!!

    All the best for everyone!

  23. Sir could you please let me know about the Probability for an Indian graduate to get into run through program for neurosurgery?

  24. Hi . What’s plabdoable ? I cant find it online and in the group, as I’ve heard good reviews about it. Kindly help me .

  25. One more question….I some is having only 45 days internship period instead of 2months in general medicine and general surgery each then is he eligible for PLAB exam…or do they also count for allied branches line dematology, Psychiatry, ENT and Blood bank.

  26. Hello Sir could you plz tell me the age limits for PLAB exams. As I am 38 years old and working as a dermatologist in India with 10 yrs post-MD experience, and what is the probability of getting dermatology after going through their 3-8 years of working/trading process. Plz guide…

    1. There is no age limit. Dermatology is a competitive field but recently people have been entering competitive fields like surgery, radiology and even OBGYN.

  27. Hello sir
    Can u please guide me if i am doing house job in pakistan will it be possible to exempt fy1 and fy2.

    1. Yes, FY1 and FY2 will be exempted for you. You can start as an SHO in the UK and get your FY2 competencies signed from Pakistan or from the UK.

      1. Sir one thing more if i am taking oet exam and clearing my house job so there will be no fy1 and fy2 for me right? Then i will not be required for ielts in SHO program? except the tier 2 visa

  28. Dr Khan, thank you for this privilege and insight into what the plab exam entails. I’ll sure get to meet you in person when I get to the UK. I’m currently a final year medical student here in Nigeria.

    Thanks once again and Big than you to every contributor too.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! And thank you for visiting the blog! 🙂

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