Why I Chose Common Stations

Why I Chose Common Stations

I saw positive reviews of Dr. Hamed’s academy on Facebook. I talked to my friends who had attended Common Stations. I talked to my friends who had attended other academies. The major factor for choosing Common Stations was that I was told that Dr. Hamed is a nice and friendly person who boosts your confidence.


Teaching on a Personal Level

An hour into my first class and Dr. Hamed already knew each student’s name, where they were from, in which department they worked back home. I was amazed by this.


Interactive Class

I am someone who sits at the back of the class, studies just before exams and manages to pass exams by a small margin. However, Dr. Hamed made everyone interact in his class. He asks questions in a friendly environment and he made sure that each of his student was involving in the process of learning.



He spoon-fed all of us; he told us exactly what we needed to know for the exam, nothing more, nothing less. I followed him blindly. And here I am today, with 155/216 in my exam.


Patients’ Dialogues

The best thing is that he told us all of the dialogues that the patients use. So when we go into the exam, we know exactly what to expect. Each and every single line or dialogue that was mentioned by my patients, was exactly as Dr. Hamed had told us. There was absolutely nothing new that I was exposed to in the exam.



Dr. Hamed is dedicated; he loves to teach. Except for examinations and mannequins, he teaches everything himself. Honestly, I’ve never had a better teacher in my life. I don’t think words can express Dr. Hamed’s brilliance.



Dr. Hamed is a genuinely nice human being. He’s very humble and down to earth. He gives you respect. Dr. Hamed texted me a night before my exam and a night before my result. It was a nice gesture.


Dr. Elmira

Dr. Elmira teaches examinations and mannequins. She is exactly like Dr. Hamed. She’s very nice, kind, down to earth and humble. She is a brilliant teacher. She also knows each of her students by their names. She’s always available. She’s extremely patient. She also makes sure that her students learn. She will stand with you all day long, helping you practice.


Always Reachable

Dr. Hamed and Dr. Elmira are always available (before the course, during the course, after the course, after the exam, after the result). You can always reach them and they always text or call you back. They go out of their way to help you.



Honestly, what Dr. Hamed is doing is priceless. You might feel that his course can be a bit expensive. But what he’s charging, is absolutely nothing, compared to what he is teaching.


Class was Fun

Like I said, I always used to sit on the back benches in medical school. I never enjoyed any class. But I used to enjoy Dr. Hamed’s class. Classes were long, but fun. Dr. Hamed has a brilliant sense of humor. He keeps the class alive. He has a lot of fun stories to tell. He also makes learning fun. I honestly wish I could go back to his class and learn a little more.


My Result

I followed Dr. Hamed’s teachings blindly and I scored 155/216. I’m not a brilliant student. I just followed what Dr. Hamed taught me.

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  1. i am planning to take a course for plab 2 , probably dr hamed ,but i want to come with my family for 3 weeks only as i am working full time ,is it appropriate , if i take course from 17 aug till 31 aug and appear on 6 sept?

    1. You will have only 5 days after the course. People have passed the exam with less preparation time, but it is not advisable or easy.

    2. Hi Sanober
      I am in a similar situation and wanted to know if you were able to prepare well in 6 days time or you took a longer gap till the exam?

  2. I intend to take common stations academy and accommodation provided near the acadrmy,,dr naseer u have been there ,,i heard barking is not a safe area fir singke females,,i need to know is it so??
    Plz help

    1. Hi, I’ve heard the same. But I lived there for 2 months and I felt it was fine. But maybe I feel this way because I am from Karachi and Karachi is a lot worse than Barking.

  3. Salam bro,
    Can you kindly guide me how do we pay for common stations fee from pakistan? As i have booked a course there and they sent me their account number , IBAN number etc. But neither bank nor the money exchanger is willing to transfer funds there.

    1. My bank knew how to transfer funds using IBAN number. If your bank is finding it difficult, you should let Common Stations know. They’ll help you.

  4. Dr.Naseer I heard that although it says that common stations course runs for 14 days but actually runs for 17 days? Plus I heard that it generally starts at 11 am and lasts till 10pm or even midnight?

    Please Guide?

    1. I am not aware of the latest course schedule. It would be best to talk directly to the academy and to ask students who were in the last batch of Common Stations. I hope this helps. 🙂

  5. Aoa Sir, I have my common stations course starting next week iA, I wanted your advice that what books I need to take with me to London for it? Oxford handbooks? Any guidance about what to take would be highly appreciated. JazakAllah khairun

    1. I am sorry for the late reply. You must be in London by now. You do not need to take any books with you. Just take seven 100-page note books.

  6. Dr.naseer I am in doubts about which academy to choose for plab 2. Is Swammy better like Samson and Dr.hamed? Because the reviews are almost same for all but I would like to know from your experience. Kindly advise if Swammy is the best academy for prep?

    1. I went to Common Stations. I recommend Common Stations for the above mentioned reasons in my post. Swammy also has great reviews.

      Swammy and Common Stations both have excellent reviews.

      At the end of the day, you have to make your own decision.

  7. dr naseer , your blog is really very helpful and it is full of information.
    I have a quary.
    during your course in common station where you loved in??you were in the accomodation provaded by the dr hameed sir’s academy??what abt the condition of the accomodation??
    would you please enlighten me??

  8. hi dr naseer
    your blog is extremely helpful, I just need your opinion about one thing, can you plz give me any information about plabright academy in Liverpool, because I couldn’t find any reviews about it, its fesiable for me to attend in Liverpool but not at stake of my exam,kindly tell me about plabright for plab2,i will be extremely grateful

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