What to Expect on the Day of the GPST Stage 2 Exam

Stage 2 or Multi-Specialty Recruitment Assessment is the second of three steps for entering GP training. This article covers the exam day experience of Stage 2. You can read more about the overview of the application process here.


When to Reach

You must reach 15 minutes before time to complete the necessary check-in procedures. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, you may be refused entry.


What to Bring With You

  1. An original, valid, government-issued ID that includes your name, photograph, and signature. For example, driving licence. To view the full ID policy, including any additional allowances to this policy, please visit this link.


What Happens on Arrival

The ID document will be checked and you will be given a locker to keep your belongings.


The Exam

It is a computer-based exam. Both professional dilemma questions and clinical problem solving questions will be independently timed. On completing the Professional Dilemmas part, the Clinical Problem Solving part will begin automatically after 2 minutes.


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