What to Expect on the Day of the PLAB 1 Exam

This is going to be the easiest exam of your life.


When to Reach

Reach the exam venue at least an hour before time.


What to Bring With You

  1. Your ID document (passport or ID card).
  2. Confirmatory email of your exam invitation.


Dress Code

There is no dress code for the PLAB 1 exam. However, there might be air-conditioning in the room and it might get really cold. Be prepared for that.


Inside the Hall

You will be allowed to take pencils and erasers with you inside the hall.

You might be allowed to take small bags with you, depending on your center. But to be safe, it’s best to just keep a small pouch for your pencils and erasers.

You will not be allowed to take mobile phones, large bags or any electronic devices with you.


Time Management

As long as you manage time during the exam, you’ll pass this very easily. The best way to improve time management is to practice mocks.


Stay Positive

The exam is very easy and most people end up passing the exam comfortably.

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