Anonymous PLAB 1 Experience (VIII)

I passed IELTS in February 2018 and booked PLAB 1 exam for 28th June 2018. I made an extensive study plan which included the famous 1700 MCQs, different Mocks, Oxford Handbook of Medicine, Clinchers, Samson Notes and the study material I used in my Final Year at Medical College.


1st March 2018

I started with 1700 MCQs with Explanation just to give them a random go to get an idea about them. I finished reading 900 MCQs in 2 days. I just read them like a storybook because I knew I had more than enough time before my exam.


4th March 2018

A friend asked me about my preparation and I told her the situation. She suggested me to cancel the June exam and book March 15th Exam. I was not sure and asked my husband. He encouraged me to take the risk. I then asked Dr Naseer Khan and he also said that you can do it.


Change of Plans

I cancelled 28th June exam and booked 15th March instead. I had about 8 days left after taking out the busy family weekend.


A Quick Revision

I finished reading 1700 MCQs in 2 days and started Mocks I found on the internet. I did 4 Mocks daily (800 MCQs) and jotted down the points which I thought I needed to memorize. I spent 3 days and finished 11 MOCKS.



I spent next 2 days doing 1700 MCQs; I read them twice in 2 days. And spent the last day memorizing the points I noted down from all MOCKS.

And I passed.


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5 thoughts on “Anonymous PLAB 1 Experience (VIII)

  1. I really don’t think this is at all indicative of what’s possible for the average student – do not leave it last minute or attempt to rush it. There is a lot of information omitted here and I feel it will be giving people a false sense of security.. I failed my first PLAB attempt as I had this same attitude when I went for it the first time. Although for a student to be able to go through that many questions in such a limited time probably says more about the individual’s ability so well done and it’s something to be proud of 🙂

  2. Is this true because I took the March 15 test and the last date for booking plab1 was February 15th

    1. The closing date is only a week before the exam if you’re taking the exam in the UK.

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