Anonymous PLAB 1 Experience (IX)

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Exam Details

  • Exam Date: September 6, 2018
  • Exam Centre: London, UK
  • Score: 129/180 (71.66%)
  • Pass Score: 115/180 (63.9%)
  • Average Score: 118/180 (65.5%)


Score Breakdown

  • Assessment: 67% (other candidates 63%)
  • Management: 78% (other candidates 68%)
  • Knowledge and Experience: 70% (other candidates 67%)


Preparation Time

6 weeks


My Preparation

I was scared to start. It seemed very daunting to sail into this journey as I could not believe I would be able to do it with merely the 1700 questions and the existing mocks; I chose Swamy’s mocks (1400 questions). I will be honest with you.


First Step

I started with subject wise 1700 questions which took me almost two weeks (12 hours every day) to finish twice.


Second Step

I gave Samson’s notes a good read over almost a week (I went through the notes only searching for the stuff 1700 questions did not cover). So you can say it was a skimming method that I used in order to extract new stuff.


Third Step

Over three weeks, I studied Swamy’s mock exams a friend had passed to me in 2015. The reason why I chose Swamy’s mocks over Samson’s was that I did not want to repeat Samson’s knowledge. Instead, I was looking for new stuff to take from Swamy’s question bank.

That was really all I did. I studied really hard and it paid off. Thank God!!!


Dr. Khalid Saifullah’s Facebook Group

Last but never the least: I kept an eye on Dr. Khalid Saifullah’s Facebook forum to discuss the controversial questions as mocks have slightly differed over 5% of each discipline. Dr. Saifullah was very open to discussions; at times he changed the answers or provided an explanation for his own answer. Surprisingly, I had 10 questions in my exam where controversy popped up.


Naseer’s Journey

Thanks for everyone who helped me on this journey. Many many thanks to Dr. Naseer Khan for his amazing support and extraordinary encouragement. Dr. Khan’s website has been the departure point for my journey. Over and over again, I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Khan for his enormous help and support. I cannot see myself passing this exam without his guidance, encouragement, and help.

All the best for everyone!


(This was published with the author’s consent. The author chose to remain anonymous)

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