Police Clearance Certificate from Dhaka, Bangladesh by Dr. Istiakh Chowdhury

Getting a PCC from Dhaka, Bangladesh is very easy. You can do the whole thing online apart from just paying the fees and collecting the certificate. The total cost will be 500 Taka.

1. Open an account with your phone number by logging on to the official website.

2. Fill up the form with passport details, present and permanent address

3. Upload a scan of “ attested copy of Passport or National ID card” to your account afterwards.

4. You will be given a “Chalan” to be paid to any branch of Bangladesh bank/Sonali Bank (500 Taka).

5. After paying the “Chalan”, again upload the copy to your account (you can only upload the chalan scan on the next day after 2.00 PM).

6. After you have uploaded it successfully your local OC will contact you. After meeting you have to show your main passport and give a copy of passport and Chalan form.

7. After 1-2 days your Status will “ Signed by OC”.After further 1-2 days your status will be “ Signed by DC”

8. After further 1-2 days, your status will be “ Signed by DC.

9. Then its “ Ready for Collection/Ready for Delivery”.Collection is always from Police

10. Collection is always from Police headquarter, Bailey road (near Viqarunnessa and Siddessori Collge).Collection time is strictly 3-4 pm.

11. Collection time is strictly 3-4 PM.

12. You can check the status of PCC from your mobile. Type “ PCC S your reference number ” then send to 6969.


Best Wishes,

Dr. Istiakh Ahmed Chowdhury.

3 thoughts on “Police Clearance Certificate from Dhaka, Bangladesh by Dr. Istiakh Chowdhury

  1. Can I know, who is the addressee,name of the authority to which the certificate should be addressed to?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Usually PCC is doing to make sure that if you had any past crime record on the place you are living for atleast 1 year or more.

      So if you had lived any places more than 1 year than you’ve to take pcc at that place. And pcc usually happens on your current passport number.

  2. Previously PCCs were sent directly to home address via courier service. With new online system, is collecting PCC from police HQ only option? Can you please confirm?

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