Studying for PLAB 2

Since PLAB 2 is an OSCE exam, the key to passing PLAB 2 is confidence.


Joining an Academy

Studying for PLAB 2 is completely different from studying for PLAB 1. For PLAB 1, you can easily find all the study material on Facebook and you can study at home. For PLAB 2, it’s very important to join an academy.

Having said that, there are examples of people passing PLAB 2, without joining an academy, but that makes the task very difficult. I would never advise anyone to not join an academy for PLAB 2.


Time Required for Preparation

After your course ends, ideally you should have 4-6 weeks to prepare for the exam.

However, even if you have less time, you can make it. Do not be discouraged if you have less time. I’ve seen people pass by taking the exam 4 days after their course. But to give yourself a decent chance, you should have at the very least, two weeks after the course.


Study Material for PLAB 2

Everything you need for PLAB 2, will be provided at the academy.


Pre-Preparation for PLAB 2

Different academies have different methods of preparation. You should follow your academy’s advice for this.


How to Study for PLAB 2

You will have 9-12 hours of classes every day. During the class, try to to be attentive and try to absorb as much as you can. But no one can absorb everything that’s said in the class for this long. So it’s okay if you miss things during the class.


Studying After Class

When you go home after the class, it’s ideal to spend an hour or two to go through that day’s notes. If your class ends around 7 PM or 8 PM or even 9 PM, it is possible to do this. However, if it ends after that, it might be a bit difficult.

If you are unable to go through each day’s notes after the class, do not feel bad or guilty about it. Nearly no one is able to accomplish this task. But if you can, specially if you have 2 weeks of prep or less after the class, it’ll help you a lot.


Study Mate(s)

Before your class begins each day or during the lunch break, find people who’re willing to practice. You don’t have to practice every station with the same partner. You can practice with different people. It’ll help you in assessing which of your class mates are serious and who you can seriously practice with, once your course ends.

By the time your course ends, you should know which people you’re going to practice with and you should be in touch with them to schedule your practice sessions.


Multiple Study Mates

It’s best to have more than one study partner. Because if you have only partner and both of you are making a certain mistake, you wouldn’t realize your mistake. You might make those mistakes in your exam as well.

Having multiple partners trains you for different situations and circumstances. It gives you different perspective. And you also learn a lot from different people.

Of course, I know a lot of people who had only one partner, and they passed the exam with a really good score. So don’t worry if you have only one partner.


A Break

After the course ends, if you have 4 weeks or more, you can take a day off and relax. It’s very important to do this. Otherwise you might not be able to study properly if your mind is not relaxed enough.

If you have 3 weeks or less though, it’s better to just start your prep without any off days.


Studying After the Course Ends

Two Approaches

There are two approaches to this. Most people prefer the first approach and it’s more convenient and simple. However, some people prefer the second approach.

Approach 1: Start practicing stations right away

You’ll see a lot of your classmates practicing stations even during the class breaks and it’s not a bad idea.

Find a partner or two who are willing to practice. It’s best if it’s a group of two or three people, not more than that.

First Read + Practice
After your course ends, sit down with your partner. Pick a station. Both of you should read the station once. Then both of you should practice it once, by taking turns, being the doctor and the patient.

In this way, go through all the stations once.

Second Read + Practice
It would be ideal to change your partner for your second read. Again practice in the same way, by reading the station first and then practicing with your partner.

Third Read/Memorization
After your second read, if you feel that you’re not able to remember certain things. It would be best to take a solo third read.

Fourth Read + Practice
This is less of a read and more of practice. Pick anyone you can find and again, try to go through all the stations. This time you might not want to read the station before practicing it.

Further Reading + Practicing
If you have time, practice the stations as many time as you can. If you get bored of practicing, keep reading the stations at least.


Approach 2: Read the notes/stations. Then start practicing stations

Some people prefer to read the notes/stations thoroughly before they practice them. However, keep in mind that if you don’t start practicing right away, everyone might have picked partners and you might be left alone when you want to practice. So this approach only works if you have a partner who agrees with your plan.

First Read
After your course ends, sit down with your notes. Study all stations and try to memorize as much as you can.

If you haven’t already picked a partner, now you need to pick a partner, which might be difficult. Since most people would already have groups by now.

Second Read + Practice
If you do find a partner, sit down with your partner. Pick a station. Both of you should read the station once. Then both of you should practice it once, by taking turns, being the doctor and the patient.

Further Reading + Practicing
Keep practicing the stations as many time as you can.

If you feel that you’re not able to remember certain things. It would be best to take a solo read. But keep in mind that too much reading and not enough practicing, will not properly prepare you for the exam.



Take as many mocks as you can. They will prepare you for your exam, more than anything else. Even if you have to pay extra money for them, take as many mocks as you can. Nothing will help you more in assessing yourself and help you in staying calm during your exam.


How Much You Need to Cover

It is ideal to have gone through each station 5-10 times before your exam. The more your practice, the better your exam will go.


Sweet Talk and Body Language

This is the most important thing for your exam. It is just as important, if not more important than your knowledge.

You have to use these words frequently:

  1. Sorry. 🙁
  2. Thank you! 🙂
  3. Please! 🙂
  4. Kindly! 🙂

You have to use them with these facial expressions, to show your sincerity.

By the time you reach your exam, you would remember all the stations perfectly well. You would remember all the situations and all the scenarios. The most important thing at the end is to keep your nerves. Even if you lack knowledge, but if you’re calm, composed, gentle, polite, sweet and confident, you will pass the exam easily.


Some Encouragement

Most people who attempt PLAB 2, do pass the exam in their first attempt. According to GMC’s official website, pass rate in 2017 was 79%.

23 thoughts on “Studying for PLAB 2

  1. If there is only 7 days between the last day of the course and the exam, What is the best strategy to follow ???
    In this case , is it better to study before going to the academy ??

    1. In this case, it’s best to discuss your situation with your teacher at the academy. It’s also advisable to study every day after the course. People do pass the exam in less time but it is never advisable to take the exam like this.

  2. I didn’t really look at my academy date very well before booking for one of the dates,I have two weeks to the exam after the academy.. In another, I have five weeks after academy to exam..suggestion pls..

  3. Dr Naseer how are you? I have 2 optiona of accommodation during dr Hamed course. One is a more convenient single room 20 mins from the course. and the other is a triple room in Dr Hamed accommodation. Is it more useful to stay in a room with course mates ? I mean will we study in our room? Or the study is mainly in dr hamed course not in the accommodation an hence I will not miss a lot of useful experience from sharing the room with colleagues?

  4. Hello Dr Naseer,
    Thanks for all info provided. God bless. I plan taking my Plab 2 at Plabright (liverpool),however am not too sure of there pass rat,but they offer some sponsorship package I intend to get whilst making payment after job is offered.
    Kindly advise if I should go with them or make alternative plans concerning accommodation.
    Also, any advise on affordable accommodation in London close to Samson or swammy academy. Thank you

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for your kind words! And thank you for visiting the blog.

      I am aware of PLABright’s package. I personally feel that it is not needed and all doctors find jobs anyway. I also think that it’s ideal to go for the best course, which has the best teachers and not the course which has a nice package. I am not aware of how good their PLAB 2 course is. Only students who attended their course can advise about their course.

      I went to Common Stations and I feel that Dr. Hamed is one of the best teachers of all time, for any subject. I’ve become a fan of him. But you should make your own decision. 🙂

      As far as accommodation in London is concerned, kindly message me on my Facebook page and I will share details with you of the place where I stayed:

  5. Aoa MashAllah great blog!! JazakAllah for all your information. I wanted to ask that I’ll be leaving academy right when the course ends so I won’t be able to practice there. Who should I then practice with? My siblings at home?( I live in UK) Just wanted your kind advice on this matter.

    1. You should practice with any doctors you find, who are willing to practice. You can practice with your siblings as well. You can try Skype too.

      However, there is no substitute for practicing at the academy.

      Best of luck! 🙂

  6. Aoa, could you please share the names or links to the academies offering preparation for PLAB 2. That would be a great help.
    Kind regards!

    1. The three most common academies are:

      1. Dr. Hamed’s Common Stations in London.

      2. Dr. Swamy’s Academy in Manchester.

      3. Dr. Samson’s PLAB Academy in London

  7. Is it wise to take another course in the 4 week period between my first course and the exam ?

  8. Hi,I would like to know if preparing for plab 2 at plab coach in Delhi and then going to UK for exam is a better option ? Thank you

    1. I don’t know anything about PLAB Coach. So I can’t say. You should check with others who have attended PLAB Coach. All the best! 🙂

  9. Aoa mashAllah great work! Wanted to ask that I joined common stations last year Aug then took plab 2 in October but couldn’t pass now iA aiming to take plab 2 again in few months but I can’t join any academy now so would thepast years notes be enough to pass plab 2 now? Whats the best course of action for me? Thanks alot

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