My Cover Letter for Tier 2 Visa Application

The Entry Clearance Officer,
UK Visas and Immigration
22nd June 2017




Respected Sir/Madam,

My name is Dr. Naseer *** (Visa Application Reference Number: ***, Passport Number: ***). I am applying for Tier 2 (General) visa – General Migrant.

I am a fully qualified doctor. I am registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) UK and I have a licence to practice medicine in the UK. My GMC Reference Number is ***. You can confirm my registration and licence details by logging into the GMC’s official website at

I am also registered with the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) and I also have a license to practice Medicine in Pakistan. I graduated from medical school in Karachi, Pakistan and I have always practiced medicine in my hometown of Karachi.

On 27 October 2017, I was granted a six-month C-Visit visa to the UK, which was valid for 6 months. I visited the UK on 01 December 2016 and returned back to Karachi on 23 April 2017. I did not overstay my limit. During this time I passed my PLAB 2 test and got registered with the General Medical Council. While I was in the UK, I stayed at the residence of my brother, Dr. ***, who works as junior doctor at *** Hospital. In my visa application, I have mentioned two different addresses of his location in ***, because he moved to a new home during that time.

I have now secured a job as a trust grade doctor at *** Hospitals NHS Trust. I have been provided Sponsorship and Maintenance by the Trust (Sponsor’s Licence Number: ***, Certificate Number: ***). My sponsor, *** Hospitals NHS Trust, is listed as a fully approved (A-rated) sponsor according to the list published on by the Home Office.

I have always obeyed the rules and regulations of the United Kingdom Border Agency. I am well aware of the consequences of doing anything illegal.

Naseer ***.

6 thoughts on “My Cover Letter for Tier 2 Visa Application

  1. I have a question and my visa submission date is tomorrow so would really appreciate if you could reply to that
    During my tier 2 visa application, under the answer to the question “have u lived at any uk addresses before” I mentioned my accommodation at Manchester ( for the purpose of the stay I wrote PLAB exam) and my stay in Birmingham ( at the house of extended relative , for the purpose of my stay in the form I wrote visiting)
    How do I mention this in my cover letter for tier 2 visa, since I was staying in Birmingham and getting registered with GMC
    Do I say “i processed my registration with General Medical Council, attended my Identity check for the General Medical Council, UK, started looking for jobs as a doctor in U.K, attended interviews, secured a job and went through pre-employment identity and health checks with my new employer, while residing/visiting with extended family and spending some quality time with them”
    Do I need to mention my residence at all in cover letter?

    1. I do not think you need to discuss these details on the Tier 2 visa cover letter.

      1. oh okay, i only did that because i saw your cover letter, and it kind of stated what you did during your dtay. would you recommend cutting the whole part out regarding the previous c visit for plab

      2. Every case is different. You should do what is best for you. I would advise discussing this on one of the relevant Facebook groups.

  2. Hi Dr Nasser

    Is Mantoux test required along with chest x-ray report as TB proof?


    Dr. G

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