Hoor Zeb’s PLAB 1 Experience

(This post was originally written for my blog on 17th March 2017. It was added to my blog by taking permission from the writer. Thank you, Dr. Hoor Zeb, for allowing me to add your post to this blog)


Okay so, I shall start with the general perception of PLAB 1 amongst my colleagues, friends and family and whoever took it or witnessed their friends taking it.

First, that it’s an easy exam followed by swearing that it only needs 28-38 days to prepare for it provided you know exactly where to study from.

Secondly, you just need to go through 1700 MCQ file and some mocks to practice from and the infamous Samson notes.

As far as my experience is related I would like to divide it into PREPARING FOR PLAB and AT THE EXAM.



I would say I studied sluggishly starting from January. But if I count the total days I really studied, then I would say maybe 25, to the MAX 30 maybe.with the the last 6 days being the winner so at the end I had a fair idea of every system.

I studied Samson notes, 1700 MCQs and did PLABABLE for practice.

I had no idea about mocks or whatsoever.

I have to mention that I also went through some chapters of OHCM and OHCS Assess and Progress booklets. They are very good for concepts (but later you shall realise you don’t need concepts for PLAB).

The online discussions helped a lot but kinda confused you too. Nevertheless, this was my preparation material.



Well, guys, the real enemy is not your bad preparation, or your bad judgement, or the wrong study material, it’s TIME!!!

Yes, time will fly like a bird before u can even catch it!

200 questions, 180 minutes and not to forget to minus 20 minutes for marking the answer sheet.

GMC and British Council are ancient enough that they have not introduced online attempt so far and you have to traditionally copy all the answer to the answer sheet so it’s also your enemy.

Moreover, each question had a scenario that took at least a minute to read, and woof your time is gone.

Anatomy questions were the major off because you have to rethink about all the positions, medial lateral relations.

Talking about questions … they were very familiar topic wise. Like all the common topics discussed in 1700 and PLABable. But the scenarios were twisted so u had to give them a read.lot of psychiatry!!!!

A lot of Psychiatry!!!

And Anatomy questions were all new. No repetition of 1700 or past papers. There were also few questions which were repeated in the very exam twice or thrice just the age or gender was changed. managed to copy and attempt around 190/200 because of lack of time and the major mistake

I managed to copy and attempt around 190/200 because of lack of time and the major mistake I made was not doing mocks prior and also not filling the answer sheet along the questions.

In summation, you just need 30 or 40 days of seriously focused studying.

1700 MCQs, Samson notes, PLABable and mocks is all you need. But make sure you give a read to Nice guideline of stroke, MI, asthma and such major topics.

Please give a read to Anatomy and Ethics as they are new every time unlike past papers or 1700.

Manage your time and mark the answers directly to your answer sheet.

Report to GMC for not offering online exam! 😛

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    1. “New questions mean, in case of medicine surgery and other specialities, mostly the questions are repeated and you know the answer from 1700 mcq’s, plabable or online discussions.

      But in case of anatomy, every time there are new questions, either asking about a relation or nerve of a movement etc. So you just have to give anatomy a little more than a read from the notes.

      However, the nature of questions stays basic.”

      Hoor Zeb.

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