My Letter of Support for My Parents’ Visit Visa Application

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The Entry Clearance Officer,
UK Visas and Immigration
17 June 2018

Letter for Support and Invitation


Respected Sir/Madam,

My name is Dr. Naseer Khan. I am writing this letter to confirm my support for my parents, ***** ***** **** and ***** ****, for their trip to the UK.


My Background

  • I am a fully qualified doctor. I am registered with the General Medical Council, UK (GMC Reference number: *******).
  • I am working as a junior doctor at King’s College Hospital, London since February 2018.
  • Before this, I was working as a junior doctor at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth since August 2017.


My Wife

I live in London with my wife, Dr. Reema Rasul. She is also a junior doctor at King’s College Hospital, London since May 2017.


My Family in Karachi, Pakistan

  • <Mention names of each of your family member here>

<Describe where your family lives>. My parents plan on visiting me and my wife in London, UK for a period of 14 days, from ** **** **** till ** **** ****. <Mention family members who will not be travelling and will stay behind in the home country>.


My Support

I miss my parents and since I am unable to get annual leave, I want to invite my parents to London. I will be more than happy to host my parents in London for this trip. I will pay for all of their expenses during this trip.


My Home

My wife and I live in a two-bedroom flat. So, my parents can easily stay with me during this trip.



I have a gross income of £**,***. My wife has a gross income of £**,***.

  • I have £**,*** in my savings account. I save money from my monthly pay in my savings account.
  • I also have £*** in my Advance account.
  • My wife has £*,*** in her Advance account

Since the total cost of my parents’ trip is only £1,100 each and a total of £2,200, I alone can easily afford this trip. I also have my wife’s financial backing, if need be.

I would be grateful if my parents are granted the visa and I am given the opportunity to host them in London. Please feel free to contact me if need be.


Thank you!


Dr. Naseer Khan.
Junior Clinical Fellow.
King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.
Passport number: ***
BRP number: ***
GMC Reference number: ***
Phone number: ***
Email: ***


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How early can I apply for Visit Visa?

The earliest you can apply is 3 months before the travel.


2. How much money should I have to apply for my family's Visit Visa?

There is no specific amount of money that you need to have for this. As stated above, ideally, the total cost of the trip should be a small fraction of the total amount of money available in the bank account.


3. How long can we stay in the UK on a visit visa?

Even if the visa is granted for 2, 5 or 10 years, the maximum duration for which one can stay in the UK on each visit is for 6 months.


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