Hakim Farhat’s PLAB 1 Experience

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I passed my PLAB 1 in December 2018.



My score was 136.


Preparation Time = 3 Months

I passed my IELTS in August 2018. I registered immediately for PLAB 1.


1700 Questions

I started studying 1700 MCQs and marked the difficult ones. I made notes of important points and finished them in August.


Samson’s Notes

I bought Samson’s notes online and studied all the subjects. I attempted all questions related to each subject in September and during the first half of October.



From 15 October, I started revising 1700 again, along with Samson’s notes. By the end, I had learnt all 1700 questions by heart, along with each explanation.


The Exam

To my surprise, the exam was from 1700 MCQs. I hope my experience can be of help to the new doctors who will take the exam soon.


Dr. Khalid Saifullah

Thanks to Dr. Khalid Saifullah for his 1700 questions. Alhamdulillah! Best of luck to all!

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