Abu Khattab’s PLAB 2 Experience

(This post was originally published on 10th June 2015. It was added to my blog by taking permission from the writer. Thank you, Dr. Abu Khattab, for allowing me to add your post to this blog)


It will be the last article that I will write it here so forgive me if it’s long or boring for you.

Alsalam alykum, I don’t know how to start, I used to write IELTS and plab1 experiences quickly and without thinking, but this time I have a different feeling which is similar to those who are being set free from their prison. It’s a really beautiful feeling, I ask my almighty Allah to give this feeling to everyone join this exam. I don’t want to go for many personal details about what I have crossed through during this period since I start preparing for IELTS, but all these difficulties became a nice old dream when you reach your Goal. PLAB test as general was an easy exam, but the coast of the exam, applying for visa and travelling to a different country that has a different culture make this exam has a special fear we have never faced before, so plab test as general is a very easy exam.

My preparation for plab2:
( I don’t advise anyone to do the same of what I did)
After my plab1 exam directly I started to search which academy I can join, I decided to join Dr Hamed only, although he teaches only History and counselling ( no examination or maniquine during my course in April). Regarding the examination and mannequin I said to myself, I will watch videos and I can make it ( over confidence which can sometimes kill you). After my course which was super amazing and to be honest, I have never met a person like Dr Hamed although I have been in one of the best medical colleges, this man is unique MashaAllah, you will never realise that until you join his classes. Anyway, after the course finished I started with my old Skype group to practice, although they haven’t attended any courses yet, except 2 doctors, but they were brilliant and I swear they are one of the main reasons that I passed Alhmdolelah.
We started to study Dr Hamed stations I used to be the patient and each doctor take a turn to be a doctor and we do timing and give them my feedback, until 2 other amazing doctors join us from other Academies. We did that every day from 9-12am and 7-9pm then last few weeks change to 9-2 morning. It was so beneficial for us and especially for me. Then DrShumaila Usman Ahmad KusimoSonia Sonia Khan Usama Salam started to teach us some clinical stations that made plab2 mannequins and examinations clearer and without them no way I can do any of the clinical stations. Jazahum Allah kyran.

Then I hire a clinical skill room inside the hospital where I practice the sharp stations ( suture, ABG, canula , blood sample) and PR exam and breast exam. You can hire any mannequin or even simman in your local British hospital in the education centre( call your local hospital and ask for the education centre or clinical skill education centre and ask for what you want. You should call a few weeks before you want it). Ofc without dr Fahad Afzal Malik I will not be able to practice these stations.
He came three times to help me and show me how can I practice them. I’m thankful for him from all my heart that amazing man. Sister @Shumaila explain for us theoretically bimanual examination and I did my exam according her explanation. Dr @Sonia Khan explain for us the simman and that helped me a lot JazakAllah kyran. Dr Usama Aslam
Explain for us otoscopy and I also did according his explanation JazakAllah kyran.

So these people who helped me and I really appreciate their efforts.

I would like to thank my Skype group and my family without specific consequences Muhammad Waqar Murad Hossain Ayesha Shafaq Chaudary Prachi Gondhale @Firi Farouk Yasser Osama Benedict AbaweSadia Asad Wafa Hussien Sidra Wasim Hashmi
Ahmad Kusimo Hiba Ali Hina Iqbal Marina Mandarina @nawal

Special thanks for dr @Sadi baloch Dr Elmira Yaghmaei Dr @sonia Dr @husam jamil Dr @omar ay @doll pink who helped me directly and indirectly. And for all plab 1 and 2 forum who were happy for me and made duaa for me, and who supported me by his nice words.
Thanks for those who contacted me and inbox me and really sorry for 10s of people who tried to added me, sorry for that.

Now, regarding the plab2 exam advises:

The summary of my advises is that your success is depend mainly in your efforts and your experiences and not on the academy.

1. Join one month and half or two months before your expected day of the exam.
2. Choosing an academy it’s your choice, from my observations I conclude Swamy course is better than Samson, I know many people I have a different view but this is my opinion.
The best result you can get it if you attend Swamy then Dr Hamed. I only joined Dr Hamed , but I don’t advise you to do the same because it’s a risk ( I mean to take Dr Hamed alone because he doesn’t teach clinical skills, he only teaches History and counselling.
Swamy problem is really crowded, while Samson only 15-25 students in the whole course.

3. After you finish the academy you should find a study partner. You should revise the curriculum 2-3 times at least, if you are planning to join academy after few months, it’s better to read swamy note of plab2 from now.
To be continued inshaAllah


My advises regarding those who will do plab1 and mainly plab2 soon:

1. Don’t study one day before the exam
2. Go out and enjoy with your day
3. Sleep in warm water and relax completely and don’t think about anything before the exam.
4. Pray to your God before your sleep and correct your intention that you want to be a doctor to help the humanity first and may be from the money that you will get you can help your poor country or people.
5. In the exam day Wake early, have a nice breakfast and drink nice black coffee from Costa Coffee as I did 😂😂.
6. Don’t take any materials and don’t speak about the exam because this will increase your adrenaline and makes you more stressed
7. For plab1 take with you in the hall of the exam one litre of water and 2-3 bars of chocolates( it’s allowed) they will save your life. But be sure to close the water and put it in the ground, be sure not to spell it over your exam paper😂😂😂.
8. For plab2, take with you your passport and GMC confirmation email to do plab2 test. You should drink water as much as you can before you enter the exam because until you reach the rest station your mouth will be completely dry. ( this happened to me)
9. If you miss up in any station or two or three completely forget about it. You may have been marked as pass and you don’t know.
10. Smile in the station to the patient except breaking bad news stations or semi breaking bad news or patient seems angry. Don’t laugh in the station of MMSE because the patient in this station is funny. Be professional.
11. One of these stations should be come in the exam
Sharps ( canula, suture, ABG, blood sample) Simman ( asthma, COPD, leg ischaemia)
Psychiatry ( psychological hx, MME with suicidal risk, MMSE)
12. In hx taking ask about :
the presenting complaint, then SOCRATES ( in pain) and OPIDARA ( in non pain complaint), then rule out DDX then PMHx. If you have time ask about personal hx.
13. In counselling pateint do ADEM:
A asses pateint knowledge
D disclose the diagnosis
E explain the diagnosis
M management
14. Don’t hurry the pateint, don’t intrupt him, and offer water and tissue if he cries.
15. Be gentle and cover the patient and let the patient open his eyes after you asked him to close it.
16. If the patient ask you a question and you don’t know the answer, tell the patient I will ask my senior and let you know.
17. If you explain anything regarding surgery at the end ask the patient are you happy to go for the operation.
18. Lifestyle modification is a very important station. Do DATE
D diet A alcohol T tobacco E exercise

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