What to do After Graduation

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This post is for young doctors who have recently graduated or are about to graduate from medical school and wish to work in the UK.


Should I Go To The UK?

This is a personal choice, depending on individual circumstances. I have discussed in detail the benefits of working abroad, the benefits of choosing PLAB, comparison of USMLE with PLAB, comparison of working in the UK vs the USA. I have also made a short video to compare USMLE with PLAB.

I will list a few benefits of working in the UK here:

  1. Easy to enter the system.
  2. Takes less time, effort and money than moving to USA or Australia.
  3. Better training compared to home.
  4. Better pay compared to home.
  5. There are more jobs and fewer doctors in the UK.
  6. Very helpful IMG community.


How Do I Decide?

Going to the UK is a life-changing decision and might not be straightforward for everyone. Gather as much information as you can about going to the UK from these links. Also, gather information about going to other countries or working in your home country. Talk to people with experience. Make a well-informed decision based on the knowledge you gain.



Once you do decide to move to the UK, this should be your plan:


Gather Information

Gather as much information as you can from these links. If you are not sure how to find information, this might help.


House Job

  1. Begin House Job as soon as it becomes available. Do not waste time; you can easily pass IELTS and PLAB 1 during House Job.
  2. Make sure your House Job is according to GMC’s acceptable pattern.
  3. Try to learn and brush your clinical skills during House Job, which would be helpful once you start working in the UK.

House Job is also known as Internship or Foundation Training/Program in some countries.


Employment History

It is ideal to not be jobless for even a single day during your career. When you apply for GMC registration or jobs in the UK, you will have to give an account for every single day since graduation. If you have been working during this time, it can be easier to explain. If you were jobless, you will have to explain the reasoning behind this.

The period during your graduation and the first day of House Job can be explained by mentioning the truth that House Job was not available to you before that.



Make your own personalized timeline and roadmap for when you should be taking the exams.

Road Map for PLAB


Homework for PLAB Visa

You do not actually have to do anything, but there are a few things that you should be aware of in terms of your visa homework before you begin your journey, as mentioned here.


ECFMG Verification

In order to apply for GMC registration, you will need to get your primary medical qualifications (MBBS degree) verified by ECFMG (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates). So technically, you will need this step after PLAB 2 and before GMC registration. However, this process can take time. This is why it is ideal to start this process as soon as you graduate. You can get more guidance about this here.



Start studying for IELTS right away. Pass your IELTS as soon as you can or pass your IELTS whenever it is ideal for you, depending on your roadmap. IELTS can be easily managed along with any job. Do not remain unemployed because of IELTS preparation.



Start studying for PLAB 1 as soon as you pass IELTS or start studying for PLAB 1 whenever it is ideal for you, depending on your roadmap. PLAB 1 can be easily managed along with any job. Do not remain unemployed because of PLAB 1 preparation. PLAB 1 is held outside the UK, as mentioned here.


Visa for PLAB 2

PLAB 2 is only held in Manchester, UK. After you pass PLAB 1, apply for your visa for PLAB 2 depending on your personal circumstances or your roadmap.



Take a break from work, go to the UK, pass your exam. PLAB 2 is an easy exam and requires only 4-6 weeks of preparation after the course.


GMC Registration

Once you pass PLAB 2, GMC registration is only a formality, provided you do not have any long career breaks and provided you have an acceptable pattern of House Job.


Employment in the UK

Every single doctor who acquires GMC registration finds a job in the UK, provided they have an acceptable pattern of House Job.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will it take from the day of graduation until I start working in the UK?

This is difficult to answer because everyone has their own circumstances and timeline. Some people pass IELTS, PLAB 1 and PLAB 2 in 6 months. But for most people, it takes 18 to 24 months from the day of graduation until they start working in the UK.

2. Do I need to get my degree attested by the Higher Education Commission (HEC)?

No, you do not.

3. Can I find a job in the UK if I have not completed my House Job?

You can, but you would be seriously limiting your options of finding employment and options of career progression in the UK. This route is not advisable at all as explained here.

50 thoughts on “What to do After Graduation

    1. House Job is just another name for Foundation Year or Internship. You should ask your medical school or seniors about this.

  1. Hi. I am doing MBBS degree from china.
    I am currently back to Pakistan for my internship year , being the 6th year. So soes this internship counts as a acceptable experience for PLAB.
    I will get my degree after i complete this 6th year. I will have to go back to China once my internship is done.
    Kindly answer this.

    1. I’m not sure. It’ll be best to post this on the Facebook groups to ask others who’ve been through the same. Good luck!

  2. Hi I from Bangladesh having MBBS since 12 years with completion of MS in general Surgery. But don’t have PLEB or MRCS. Preparing myself for IELTS. How could I get a job in UK.only IELTS can help me to be registered with GMC.

  3. Thanks for the awesome blog Dr Khan. I hope one day I will be able to work in the uk as a doctor like you have. I would like to know, from what I have gathered you register for the gmc after all the exams, but before I even start IELTS,how will I know if my medical degree is accepted by the GMC or not?Do I email them my degree before I start anything because I went to a school that’s under the category of medical qualifications which ‘may’ be acceptable.Is there a way to contact you directly like through social media?Your help will be highly appreciated.

      1. Thanks.Also why is it difficult to get into a surgical program for postgrad?Im interested in doing orthopedic surgery,and it’s quiet worrisome if I wont be accepted into an institution .

  4. Hie Dr. khan,
    Your blog is very helpful. thank you for sharing your journey.
    I have just completed my graduation from India. I want to take PLAB this year. Do I need to have ECFMG verification before I take PLAB 1?
    Thank you.

      1. So do I have to do ECFMG verification before my GMC registration?

  5. Asslamu Allikum…does marks or supplies matter in this process…i mean if you dont have that good marks then is there a chance to get job in uk via plab?

  6. I am currently doing my internship post-MBBS . I want to pursue a career in internal medicine or dermatology. So after writing PLAB , in what basis will I be allowed to a particular category?

    1. Getting into Dermatology is not easy. But getting into Medicine is a lot easier. Don’t worry about this at this stage. But any audits, research or any other project you do, will help. All the best! 🙂

  7. Hello Dr.Khan,

    Thank you so much for sharing such valuable information. 🙂
    I am currently in my second year of MBBS. If I start preparing now, is it possible for me to get a field like psychiatry? And will it be a problem if I do a house job from my college in India?
    Also, what is the criteria for being allotted a field? Is it according to grades?

    And lastly, after my entire expenditure on giving the PLAB exams, is there anything extra to pay if I get a job, besides accomodation and personal expenses?

    Again, thank you profusely for your blog. It was an incredible help. 🙂

  8. Hello Dr. Khan
    Please explain me the acceptable pattern of house job for Plab. I have done my 3 months rotation in general surgery and 3 months in A&E so would it be acceptable or not?

    1. Kindly scroll down and check my post about acceptable pattern of House Job. 🙂

  9. Thank you very much for helping people here.

    I have question about GPA at medical school, does my low GPA at medical school affect on passing PLAB and working there in UK ?

    Thank you very much Dr. Naseer

  10. Pls, it’s been over 2 years since 1 finished medical school and I am yet to do internship. What are my chances after passing plab 1 and 2 and sjt of getting fy1 posts , I am also considering a master’s programme in the UK. Hoping to get your reply soonest , thanks

  11. Assalamu alaikum, you deed a good ob for creating this blog, may ALLAH BLESS YOU
    Sir, i’m currently a final year medical student, and an app developer too, i want to develop mobile app that guide medical graduates about IELTS,PLAB,GMC registration and so on.
    can you allowed me to use some of the imformation from your blog?

  12. hi doctor, i read your post about plab and usmle, i am doing phd now and would like to take plab but my graduated from medical school in year 2015. am i still eligible for plab?

  13. hello doctor Naseer, i read about your journey on passing PLAB and work in UK
    currently i’m pursuing medical degree in Indonesia and since i saw your blog, i think i need to make a lot of preparation from now on
    i would like to know if i have a chance to pursue specialty degree of plastic surgery in UK, and does my Internship in Indonesia count as House Job in UK? or i need to do both (Internship in Indonesia and House Job in UK)
    thank you doctor naseer, really appreciate your help.

  14. hello doctor naseer
    thank you for uploading these post, its really informative for a lot of people who trying to accomplish goals like you did
    right now i’m pursuing medical school in Indonesia and really want to work and study in UK
    but i’m still confused about few things, and your answer will be very helpful for me doctor.
    is there any chance for me to pursue plastic surgery specialty in UK? and do i need to take my internship in Indonesia, since i’ve read that internship in Indonesia is not recognized in UK or i need to do both ( internship in Indonesia and house job in UK)?
    thankyou for your answer and help doctor naseer

  15. Hello doctor Nasser,
    I will be completing my MBBS from china this year. I’m also doing my internship from here. I have some doubts. Please help me by clarifying them.
    1- internship that I’m doing now satisfies the GMC criteria but is of 1year. Does this mean that i can skip fy1 and fy2?
    2- in future i would like to pursue my specialisation in OBGY. Should i directly go for run through training?
    3- at which ST level i should give MRCOG?
    You are doing a great job may god bless you
    Thanks in advance

    1. 1. Yes, if the GMC accepts your internship.
      2. Work in the UK for a bit, learn to work in the system, become familiar with the training pathways and then go for it.
      3. Once you work in the system, you will become familiar with what is best for you.

      All the best! 🙂

  16. I m graduating in Feb nd due to some issues I will not be able to do my housejob in Pakistan. have PR card of UK .nd if I get provisional registration at the end of this year is there any chances for me to get slot for foundation year 1 2020 programme?

  17. Hi Sir,
    I would really like to know the importance of final year mbbs marks and getting to practice in UK after PLAB. Is marks a major criteria? Is it the final year marks alone or aggregate marks of all years are they taking in to consideration?

    1. MBBS marks do not matter at all. No one will ask you about them after you exit medical school.🙂

  18. Hello there, I am soon to be graduate from China’s university. In China first we get to do our internship, after passing 5th year exams and then we are granted our degrees. Is it considered as pre graduation or post graduation internship, also in my university the only thing mentioned on the internship certificate is I have completed my internship, nothing about how and what all departments. Will this be accepted but GMC?

    1. 1. Pre-graduate.
      2. As long as there is a document mentioning that you worked for 3 months in Medicine and Surgery, each, you will be fine.

  19. hi i wanted to know if there is a gap in between my 12 months internship due to some unavoidable circumstances…will it really make that much difference in getting job after plab is done?

    1. It depends on the duration of the gap. This gap can also affect your GMC registration.

    1. FY2 is also a job. You can start working in the UK after your GMC registration. 🙂

  20. Hello sir
    I have given my meet exam this year in India
    I want to ask I f I choose a pg (MD/ms/DNB) course to do in India which branch will be helpful to enter UK medical field as a doctor I want to work in UK but after my pg course in India so kindly guide me accordingly n please give reference of doctors who have opted such path

  21. Hello sir
    I have given my neet exam this year in India
    I want to ask I f I choose a pg (MD/ms/DNB) course to do in India which branch will be helpful to enter UK medical field as a doctor I want to work in UK but after my pg course in India so kindly guide me accordingly n please give reference of doctors who have opted such pathway

  22. Hello sir
    I have given my NEET exam this year in India
    I want to ask I f I choose a pg (MD/ms/DNB) course to do in India which branch will be helpful to enter UK medical field as a doctor I want to work in UK but after my pg course in India so kindly guide me accordingly n please give reference of doctors who have opted such path

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