Career Guidance Meeting – July 2017, Karachi

The plans for this event are on hold. Please scroll down to read more.

I am getting messages from people who have not been able to attend my career guidance sessions. I am thinking about arranging a career guidance meeting with these people in Karachi. Those who have attended my sessions before are also welcome to attend this meeting. We can discuss the overall roadmap for PLAB, training in the UK and any other query related to PLAB. We can also discuss individual plans and make personalized career plans.

Since this meeting will not be organized by any college or university, it would be open and free for students and doctors from all institutes.

I will finalise my thoughts based on your response. Those who would be willing to attend this meeting in Karachi, please vote Yes. If you have any suggestions, you can leave them in the comments section.



Career guidance for PLAB.



Preferably between 15 July 2017 to 20 July 2017.



If you could make any suggestion for this under the comments section, that would be great.



If you could make any suggestion for this under the comments section, that would be great.





57 people have shown interest in attending this meeting. Unfortunately, 57 people can not be accommodated in a meeting. Therefore, I am placing the plans for this meeting on hold. If anyone can think of a venue which can accommodate more than 50 people, I can think about a meeting, but it would not be very personal and it would be more like a guidance seminar.

Fortunately, the career guidance session at Baqai Medical University is open for medical students and doctors from all institutes. This would probably be my final open session in Karachi this year. If you still have not attended my session, this might be your last chance to attend it. You can also follow this event on Facebook.

There is no entry or registration fee. Registration forms can be filled on the spot as well.

4 thoughts on “Career Guidance Meeting – July 2017, Karachi

  1. Yes. But I’ll be really glad if this session is arranged in evening. Missed all three of them because of work.

  2. I want to ask if it is necessary to do any job or training while preparing for ilets as I am done with house job and now free .

    1. No, it is not necessary. But any clinical gaps that you take (even if they are for a single day), you can be asked to explain them in writing. So it is best to not take any breaks.

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